Git can be daunting to beginners, and it took me awhile before I got comfortable with a lot of the commands. I am assuming you have cloned your repository to your local machine. Here is the workflow that I use:

Git workflow for new branch

  1. Create an issue on GitHub
  2. Update local main branch: git…

If you’ve ever had to write an implementation of a queue using a circular array, you’d be familiar with this formula:

Here, last is the index of the last element in your queue and N is the size of length of the underlying array for your queue. This formula allows…

TLDR: Add the following to your launch.json file and the VSCode debugger will pass data to stdin from a file called input located in your workspace folder.

"args": ["<", "${workspaceFolder}/input"],

I recently started trying out Google’s Kick Start competition to hone my skills. One of the things that initially confused…

Calvin Ho

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